The Man Whose Hats Are Always Changing

The Man Whose Hats Are Always Changing

Our 2nd Bio of Prameya Inhabitants

Nilanjan's story was supplied by Ankana Das

We have an idiom in the English language that references “wearing many hats.” If someone wears many hats, they have different roles or tasks to perform. There is a delightful man on the Prameya premises named Nilanjan who gives the familiar old phrase a wider and deeper meaning.

Throughout his life of more than five decades, Nilanjan has practiced multiple professions. He has been a construction worker, a fisherman and even a poacher in the past.

Despite all of these “hats,” Nilanjan enjoys a private joke—he makes the best crab curry you’ve ever tasted. Where’s the joke? He’s never been a cook and never made a single “dish” until he came to Jharkhali where Prameya gave him the chance.

But it doesn’t matter what Nilanjan undertakes, he becomes the most enthusiastic person involved. He always has a dozen questions…

“How deep do you dig the permaculture pit?”

“What will happen if you don’t plant mangroves by the shoreline?”

“Why can’t we build a seawall?


Wherever Nilanjan works or, for that matter, wherever you work, the best day’s end for either is a cup of steaming hot tea brewed by this man of many hats.

What makes it unique, we do not know, but everyone agrees, that steaming cup is all that you need. And! You will crave it even when Prameya and Nilanjan are many miles in your past.


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